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 Cat FAQs



In the wild, cats will eat GRASS to help prevent hairballs; however, letting your cat out to eat grass is not a good option, especially if there are wild animals around that urinate in the grass. A safer option is to grow wheat grass in a heavy container and allow your cat to eat the grass. At Your Pet Stop, we have ready-to-grow wheat grass! Of course, frequent grooming is also a good way to prevent hairballs.


Canned food has a high percentage of WATER—this is true. For cats that do not get enough water during the day, this is a benefit. However, canned food does not necessarily contain more protein, less carbohydrates, and superior fat sources than dry food. QUALITY dry foods actually tend to contain more protein, less carbohydrates, and superior fat sources than canned foods, without the added sugars and salts found in most canned foods. In addition, canned food does not provide the dental benefits of dry food. Both sides of the argument claim that their suggested diet is closer to what would be found in the wild, but the fact is, neither is closer than the other: canned food is not as tough as the meat found in the wild, while dry food does not contain the moisture found in the wild. The bottom line is, if you are feeding a high-quality food and your pet is drinking enough water, either diet is good for your cat. If you feed a dry food, make sure your pet drinks still water or has access to running water. If you feed a canned food, make sure your pet has sufficient ways to keep their teeth healthy.

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