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We Care About Your Pet's Health!

A recent FDA article has generated a lot of questions on if you are feeding the correct food to insure the health of your pet.  Your Pet Stop cares for your pets and we are providing you with some links from our food vendors in response to the recent FDA article. 

 "The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that there are 77 million pet dogs in the United States. Most dogs in the U.S. have been eating pet food without apparently developing DCM." - June 27 FDA Article

Here are articles from some of our vendors you may want to read in order to educate yourself.





Nature's Logic

Taste of the Wild



                                                            You may also want to read this article from Dr. Jean Dodds, leading pet nutrition expert. 
                                                                                                  Here is a quote from Dr. Dodds that we feel is important:

                                                                  "The FDA is not dismissing the prior research as invalid. As the FDA puts it, “The underlying cause of DCM is not truly known, but is thought to have a genetic component.
                                                                                                      The FDA is also not saying you should stop feeding grain-free foods."-Dr. Jean Dodds

August Specials

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Customer Testimony on Dale Edger  Hip and Joint K-9 Supplements:
My name is Lisa. My 14 year old lab "Pistol" began taking Hip and Joint K-9 3 months ago.  He was unable to walk much or go up stairs.  Now he is 80% better and is jumping up on furniture again.  He is acting like he's "8" again!  Thanks K-9!  -Lisa


Check out our new "My Family" tag machine!


Make your own pet tag in the store!  

Keep your pets safe!  Make sure they have a tag to identify your pet!
Tags have between 1-3 lines of type and some can have information on both sides!

Tags are between $8 and $30.

If you don't find a tag you like in our store, ask to view our catalog for more options.  We can order a special tag for you!

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