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 Pigeon Feed

Des Moines

We have been mixing Des Moines Pigeon Feed since the 1950s. Blends of high-quality seeds are cleaned, graded and air-aspirated. Our ingredients must meet stringent nutritional standards. All grains used in Des Moines Pigeon Feed are non-GMO.

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Wild Bird

Nature's Seasons

Finch blend is a mix of smaller seeds; easier for finches to consume. Made from a blend of white millet, sunflower chips and nyjer canary seed. Ideal for tube feeders with small ports. Designed to attract finches, chickadees, pine siskins, juncos and more. 

Cardinal blend is made entirely of high-energy seeds. It does not contain milo, corn or millet, making it a premium blend. It attracts cardinals, as well as blue jays and other brilliant birds.

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Caged Bird


The regular Diamond formulas are primarily grain-based and include ingredients like corn and chicken by-products, which can sometimes be problematic. The Diamond Naturals are free from corn, wheat and soy, and also from by-products. Diamond, in the Natural form, is an above-average cat food. For more information, visit:


ZuPreem® provides optimal nutrition and healthy feeding programs for birds and small animals. Guided by our expert veterinary partners, we create products that keep your animals happy and healthy. For more information, visit:

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